Music is like cooking. You need high quality commodities, a feeling for composition, and the skills to make something good out of it. The moroccan/swedish producer team of Adil Fadi and Jonas Persson, known as Funkservice International, loves to make music. And cook.

This is probably why the the music of Funkservice International is so characteristic, yet uncategorizable. Their blend of Jazz, Electronica, and Lounge with touches of many other genres is hard to put a label on, but has a kind of ”chef's trademark”: retro-flavoured, nostalgic, and highly cinematic music perfect for both cocktail parties, fancy dinners, and concentrated listens.

Since the start in 2001, Funkservice International has released two albums, A Post Modern Life and Life and Flowers, and played such diverse venues as Dubai, Italy, Malaysia, Denmark, Norway, and Canada.

The third album, currently in production, finds the duo in their most experimental mood yet, as they meld groovy electronica with French 60's music, Jazz, Tango, and more. The album will feature the skilled jazz vocalist Miriam Aïda and acclaimed saxophonist Fredrik Kronkvist.